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Design Philadelphia Forum on Architecture + Design


Stephan Potts along with Managing Partner, Andrew Weiman of Bresslergroup, had the opportunity to speak about the design of Bresslergroup's new office space as a part of Design Philadelphia's Forum for Architecture + Design. The presentation's main focus was to highlight how the project team approached designing a space that reflected Bresslergroup's needs, and how the new space has transformed their work. Continuing this discussion, looking to Bresslergroup as a case study for how interdisciplinary spaces work in relation to one another and the office as a whole.

Who is Bresslergroup?

Merging design strategy, user research, industrial and interaction design, and electrical and mechanical engineering into one high tech firm; Bresslergroup is a unique design consultancy and innovation lab who uses their broad knowledge base as a way to achieve design solutions.

How did Stanev Potts Architects approach this project?

As a firm, we were excited to take on the challenge of designing a space for designers. Working alongside Bresslergroup to understand and come up with creative solutions to their specific needs, our task was to develop a space for their work inside of an early 20th century industrial building. Using interdisciplinary innovation and cross-collaborative environments as a way of considering the office, we were able to design a space that will work with Bresslergroup as they move forward.

Click Here! to read more about the process from Bresslergroup's perspective.

or visit Bresslergroup's project page on our website!

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