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Thank you to everyone who was apart of our busy 2019 and best wishes for health and success in the New Year!

The thermal springs

guest house, Lake Myvatn, Iceland, is one of three proposed projects connected by a common design language in a larger scheme intended to provide way-finding for travelers. These three designs have fractured planes of earth playing off of the balance

between an inward comfort center to an outward movement. Each connect to one another and the landscape, while directly responding to its specific site and intended purpose.

We wish to celebrate the beauty of Iceland, while honoring its story and mythos.

The tradition of Icelandic turf houses blended the built forms with the landscape while having one facade present itself in a more decorated fashion. Building so close to one another encouraged a unique type of communal living that often meant homes had shared spaces between them.

Drawing on this tradition, the guest houses are a cluster of private rooms connected by common spaces to encourage the guests to interact. Each room is oriented with a unique view of the breathtaking landscapes that surround the site.

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