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our design philosophy 


We believe in the transformative power of good design.  That in addition to providing shelter, architecture has the potential to challenge the senses and the intellect.  That it can inspire, soothe, excite.  Those constraints can be opportunities, not obstacles.  We think hard and work hard to exploit the subtleties of our profession and challenge convention.  Exploring volume, proportion, light, materiality and detailing we strive to create works of quiet innovation, delivering design excellence, pragmatism and intelligent problem solving to a range of project types and scales.


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our process


We design with the conviction that a rigorous understanding of practical concerns enables the optimistic act of creating something new.   We take as a given that, vigilance during every step of a project is essential to its successful completion. 


We begin by seeking to comprehend each commission and client thoroughly.  Through attentive conversations, research and analysis of site and project function, we develop an understanding that allows us to thoroughly enter each client’s world, and to utilize our professional experience to assist clients in prioritizing their needs and aspirations.  Through this, we begin to formulate architectural solutions.


As the project progresses through the design phases we apply and test the initial principles at progressively more refined and detailed scales working closely with our clients and a carefully assembled team of experienced and capable consultants. 


Once the project is documented, we coordinate with our clients to pass it on to the contractor for implementation.  Throughout construction we are available to continue working on our client’s behalf to ensure that the work is finished in accordance with our design intent. 

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our practice


Founded in 2007 by long time collaborators, Stephan and Petra, we are a compact, hands-on nationally-certified woman-owned studio with experienced principals who are involved in all aspects of our projects.  Producing aesthetically fresh and functional designs which satisfy our clients’ needs is our top priority.  Healthy buildings and environmental responsibility in initial construction and throughout building life cycle are a must in our work.  We are members of the USGBC and employ LEED accredited professionals.   


Our strong design vision is augmented by a highly collaborative process which enhances our work and allows us to address large and small scale program and design decisions in a creative, considerate and confident manner.  Though we apply our experience and creativity mainly to projects in the hospitality, commercial, institutional, multi family and high end single family residential sectors, we are an omnivorous practice, we welcome opportunities to employ our skills on other project types. Our work has been recognized with multiple design awards and was chosen to receive the Philadelphia AIA PEA prize.  It has led to strong long term relationships with repeat clients.


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our services


We generate unique and clear design solutions through an intensely collaborative process that integrates creativity, experience, close attention to detail with a careful consideration of each client’s particular needs.   Our definition of project success is based on achieving the best balance between aesthetic, pragmatic, and financial considerations in a timely manner.


In addition to providing a full range of traditional architectural services from Pre Design through Construction Administration for a variety of project types, we engage in pre-acquisition consulting for real estate investors and feasibility studies for owners interested in maximizing the use of their properties.   We are experienced at interfacing with the public and agencies during complex permitting processes and have also been involved in fundraising efforts for our clients. 


We have helped our clients to refine and express their image at a finer scale through custom designed lighting, furniture, sculpture and graphics.   We have also extended our understanding of materiality and light through ongoing independent and grant-funded research.   Through both our commissioned and independent work we have expanded our ability to create custom elements by becoming experienced with custom fabrication in a variety of media. 


In the spirit of collaboration and innovation, we have partnered with professionals outside our field and are open to joining forces with like minded individuals in a variety of capacities. 


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