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Founded in 2007 by long time collaborators, Stephan and Petra, we are a compact, hands-on, nationally-certified woman-owned studio with experienced principals who are closely involved in all aspects of our projects.  We are driven to produce aesthetically fresh and functional solutions which satisfy our clients’ particular and unique needs and goals. Creating healthy and environmentally responsible buildings, from initial construction and throughout each structure's life cycle, is deeply rooted in our ethos.  We are members of the USGBC, with several LEED- and Well Building-accredited professionals.


Our strong design vision is augmented by a highly collaborative process which enhances our work and allows us to address large and small scale program and design decisions in a creative, considerate and confident manner.  Though we apply our experience and creativity mainly to projects in the hospitality, commercial, institutional, multi family and high end single family residential sectors, we are an omnivorous practice, we welcome opportunities to employ our skills on other project types.


Our work has been recognized with multiple design awards and was chosen to receive the Philadelphia AIA PEA prize.  It has led to strong long term relationships with repeat clients.

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