Maribeth Rentschler 

Maribeth has a deep interest and passion for architecture, planning, urban infrastructure, and how people maneuver the urban environments which they choose to dwell in. Maribeth brings 5+ years experience in designing and managing multi-family, residential, and civic projects. As someone who has lived in cities her whole life, she has been an explorer and user of the many paths that a dense urban fabric provides. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University, where the majority of her urban projects were focused on how architecture integrates within the existing neighborhood context and its accessibility through urban design. She is also a guest thesis critic at Drexel University. 


As an architectural designer, Maribeth is a project manager, coordinating multiple consultants and leading teams in the successful completion of projects from the initial feasibility phase. She has also completed several urban planning projects and is a member of the Design Advocacy Group in Philadelphia, where she has contributed her time through graphic design and social media marketing.

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