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Olivia Birritteri

Olivia is interested in the exploration of architecture through materials, modeling, and methods of fabrication that guide her design process. She believes successful architecture is rooted in a concept that is communicated through initial schematics to the detailing of architectural tectonics.  

Olivia graduated from Jefferson University with a Bachelor of Architecture. Her custom minor in “Experimental Materials and Fabrication” allowed her to contribute to the design of Synesthesia, an interactive installation that responds to human relationships with machines through a series of sensors, projectors, and lighting effects through a fabric veil. The installation was exhibited at the HOT BED gallery in Philadelphia and the Venice Biennale Architecttura 2021. 

In her fifth year of school, Olivia led a group of 11 students to design an inflatable ETFE façade in collaboration with students from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Zhejiang University for a house to be constructed for the 2021 Solar Decathlon China. The house will be built in Zhangjiakou, China in October 2021 and by exhibited through the 2022 Olympics. 

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