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Shannon McLain 

Shannon is fascinated by the impact on well-being in all scales of design; from a small scale, like how natural fibers can increase ones focus, to a larger scale, like how bicycle roots in Copenhagen can improve ones emotional health, she believes that the relationship between design and quality of everyday life is important to examine at every scale. Because of this, Shannon often works on Interior Architecture projects at Stanev Potts Architects, focusing on curating conceptual experiences and sensory rich environments. 


During her schooling, Shannon McLain was awarded the inaugural “Docomomo US/Greater Philadelphia Center for Preservation of Modernism Award” for her work with Richard Neutra’s Hassrick House. Shannon has also guest published at Hidden City Philadelphia and The Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office Blog, using narrative to inspire others to prioritize historic preservation and hands on learning. 


Shannon is a professor at Thomas Jefferson University. Her teachings focus on human-centered design, empathy as part of the design process, and tapping into the story of place. 


In 2023, Shannon presented at the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen. She presented a visual narrative and a collaborative design process in the Inclusivity Science track with her research partner, Rachel Updegrove. In her free time, Shannon consults for Open Inclusion, a research agency for inclusive innovation. 

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