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Looking back on the year...

end of year collage

Here at Stanev Potts, we are thankful for…
The resilience and fortitude of our team and of the architectural community:
Remote working has been remarkably smooth, and while we miss the added depth of office culture that being in the same physical space provides, we’ve also discovered and embraced new ways to be productive, creative, and to communicate from our own spaces, as well as seeing each other in person at regular carefully distanced outdoor office gatherings. Our consultant collaborators have done a fantastic job of keeping things in motion as well. Boding well for the future, our students at Temple University and Columbia University also showed an admirable persistence in learning on-the-fly how to design, collaborate and thrive in an online setting.
The breadth and strength of our clients:
We are excited to be in the construction phase on two 50-unit buildings in Philadelphia, one ground-up new-construction in Kensington, and a another in Grays Ferry consisting of a one-story addition above a fully renovated five story warehouse. We are wrapping up design on a several residential projects, and have produced in-depth feasibility studies for a variety of clients. We’ve also helped our hospitality clients navigate new models of service, and contemplate and initiate short and long term changes to their businesses.
And for new relationships:
Our interest in collaborating with two important local institutions came to fruition in 2020 with multi year on-call contracts with the Philadelphia International Airport and with the University of Pennsylvania, and we are honored and thrilled to be working with them both! Wishing you all as best a year as can be, with health, happiness and success!


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