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Creating a safe environment for staff and volunteers has been one of MANNAs primary concerns since the pandemic began. As the nonprofit organized the necessary changes for the space, the need for additional way-finding became apparent.

With staff and volunteers interacting less, more signage was important to keep everything organized and clear.

The graphics were carefully detailed to relate seamlessly to the environments we design. Utilizing each sign and event as an opportunity to express MANNAs brand identity.

SPA was engaged to come up with simple solutions for the elevator lobby as well as the hallway leading to the administrative offices.

The elevator lobby needed a sign that welcomed people to MANNA and let them know they were in the right place. Framing the elevator with plywood to match the window detail upstairs was a decision that allowed us to make a big impact on the space while maintaining a small budget.

Back painted metal panels at the start of the office hallway bring a graphic punch and are meant to relate to the larger sign for the MANNA institute while being more informative of place and direction.


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