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LAMP 2018

LAMP 2018 is a lighting design competition with the aim of connecting and bringing recognition to designers within the field. The exhibition was held from September 18th-21st in Vancouver, BC. This years theme was Balance; exhibiting an exciting display of unique concepts and built projects.

Stanev Potts Architects Cube Light was nominated as part of the top 10 designs in the Established

category. The concept of the design was that balance derives from the equivalent forces and may lean towards the precarious or the certain. Through the use of light, it illustrates the complexity that can lie hidden behind a simple exterior surface.

Cube Light incorporates several opposing elements; transparency and opacity, rectilinearity and curvilinearity, geometric and natural form. These opposites work to demonstrate the transformative power of light.

Dormant the fixture is a simple cube; illuminated it is activated to reveal internal contrasts of equilibrium.

Project Specs:

This hand assembled 8"x8" fixture consists of chemically adhered, layered, laser-cut acrylic sheets suspended from stainless steel cable. It is currently lamped with a 2W 3000K LED.

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