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Light Cube
competition entry for L A M P 2018
lampgala_3 2.jpg
Balance derives from the equivalent interaction of opposites and can be precarious or certain. 
As enticing as tenuousness can be, in these unsteady times, Glow Cube makes an argument for the beauty of a steady balance.  
section diagram
The fixture incorporates several opposites: transparency and opacity, rectilinearity and balance, geometric and natural form.  These opposites work to demonstrate the transformative power of light. Dormant, the fixture is a simple suspended cube; illuminated it activates the form to reveal the complex balance within. 
cube light close up copy.jpg
This hand assembled 8"x8" fixture consists of chemically adhered, layered, laser-cut acrylic sheets suspended from a stainless steel cable. The layered opaque and translucent planes of the fixture filter the light to reveal a rounded shape within the rectilinear form.  Echoing Vitruvian Man, the outer geometric shapes contain and define the naturalistic form of the interior.  
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