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Buffalo little free library
A winning competition entry for Buffalo Architecture Foundation installed at the Westside Community Services Center in Buffalo, NY.
The library is not just a space to store books; it is a place to gather, explore, share experiences and strengthen connections between individuals and the community.
With this in mind, the circular structure is both a place for books and a place for people.  It stands out as an object and destination for gathering.  One can sit alone or share a seat with others.  The plywood structure is clad in large ‘scales’ of recycled material.  The material could be collected from the community in which it is installed for a truly unique community owned object that fits within its context.  Each scale could be a clad in smaller scales of recycled aluminum cans acting as shingles.  These shingles protect the overall structure from the elements.
Stanev Potts - Concept Sketch 01.jpg
concept render
Little Library_On site rendering_01 copy.jpg
concept render

The books fit between the interior structural ribs in four compartments that allow separating books by topic or reading level or provide places for other materials such as guest books or notebooks.  The compartments are large enough to accommodate books of unusual shapes and sizes.  These will be protected by a simple sliding transparent acrylic door that is lightweight and easily moved for access to the collection. At night, openings above will provide a glow from a solar powered light fixture.

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