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Fabrication provides an opportunity to explore questions and ideas in very fine detail with real materials.  The results generate concepts that permeate our larger scale work and deliver physical components that are closely tailored to the projects they complete.

A core part of our architectural practice at Stanev Potts is in research and experimentation. Much of it goes on behind the scenes, as we experiment with materials, casting, lighting, laser cutting, and drilling our way through all sorts of ideas. However this aspect of our practice intersects with our client-based work on a regular basis as well; we have created large scale surface-mounted, suspended and free standing art for our projects, always designed to stand apart from, yet be fully complemental to the spaces and aesthetic we design around them. 


Often integrating lighting and occasionally incorporating interactive and reactive components, these fabrication projects add a whole different level to our clients projects, and to our practice.  Sometimes we fabricate and install custom work ourselves with in-house skills and tools, or we take that knowledge to our fabricators and contractors to assist them in creating and installing larger scale works.

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