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competition entry for URBANSCAPE 2019
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collaged map
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concept diagram
Philadelphia is a city full of pride, of people who have claimed it as their own. The city, as one of the oldest in America, is a collection of memories formed by those who interact within it. Today, there is a growing culture of community and a desire to connect with people and place.
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concept renders and plans
A city of grids and built as a city of bricks, we wished to play off of this theme to create a cube structure that could mold to the needs of the people. Infrastructure neglect and a rapid increase in development has created a strong desire for people to reclaim public space. Philadelphia is known for its bottom-up change and the Module was designed to give control of this change to the people.  

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urbanscape_ 033.jpg
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The Modules are light weight, durable and easy to move. They are constructed in fiberglass, a timeless system that has recent innovation with recyclable content and natural fibers.  They are designed in three foot and two foot modules catering to both adult and child proportions.  The pieces not only fit together to create cubes and store easily if needed, but create a part to whole relationship with each other. Each Module is also able to have integrated lighting inside of the fiberglass cubes, allowing the use to continue into the night.



With all of the vacant lots, neglected infrastructure and          non-places in the city of Philadelphia, there is an inordinate amount of potential to implement this system and provide temporary or permanent public space.
Module takes shape in different ways to provide a variety of functions; but plays off simple geometry that can take on a number of uses. A cube can be a canvas, a stage, a play structure, a light, a construction blockade, or anything else that one imagines.  This simple form plays off of the convince of construction and use, while enabling a child-like imagination where everyone can dream of a world where blocks continuously reshape the urban landscape.  
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use diagrams
use layout diagrams
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collaged map
The city comes alive during the summer with pop-up parks, beer gardens, block parties and outdoor concerts.  Public space could better play off of this energy, encouraging people to create their own space within the city.
Many small disparate locations could create a larger, city-wide impact, using small scale interventions to transform the larger urban context.  This would create opportunity to involved the community in the outcome of public space and to continue the dialogue with them after implementation. 



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