Odd Fellows Cafè
1201 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Odd Fellows Café is truly born from the neighborhood.  Both the Stanev Potts offices and the owner’s original cafe – Spruce Street Espresso, are a block away from Odd Fellows.  The cafe features a full size kitchen, coffee bar, seating for almost 50, and accessible bathroom comfortably arranged inside a small footprint. The tall ceilings and full height windows give the space a relaxing, airy atmosphere.
light wall
Odd Fellows Cafe 4.jpeg
cafe kitchen 

The light wall panels are a custom design, fabrication and installation. Using the mountain terrains of El Salvador (birthplace of one of the owners) as our conceptual source material, we created digitized topography sections and manipulated each one individually to create facets and noise on the back faces. Each of the 11 panels is constructed from 113 individual laser cut pieces of plexiglass and plywood, laminated together, for a total of 1243 pieces.  Two rows of flexible LED strips run the length of the panels.

cut sheet
layered acrylic 
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