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Hospitality Architects serving NYC & Philadelphia

A fine hotel or restaurant has a distinctive destination with an inspiring ambience and exceptional service.  Employing a combination of vision and logistical savvy solutions, we help our clients refine and realize brand concepts down to the smallest detail to create spaces which generate memorable guest experiences and streamline back-of-house operation.

Hospitality is a constantly evolving sector with technological innovations, shifting lifestyle and travel trends, and range of clientele demanding ever higher levels of experience and quality.  We are constantly researching new trends and products both here in the states and through travel abroad.  Studying how a client’s brand has evolved, understanding where that brand came from and what its foundational values are, and being able to engage in a collaborative discussion about where it can go, is a core part of our projects and our relationships in hospitality, large and small.


Stanev Potts Architects have completed a number of hotel and restaurant projects in the Philadelphia and New York City metro areas, with a focus on boutique and custom design, and a high level of service.  Hospitality work has demanding schedule and sequencing issues, as well as understanding coordination of work in occupied buildings, noise control, and the complexities of navigating approval agency and stakeholder approvals for various components such as building lighting, signage, exterior canopies, historic preservation and restoration work, and other factors.  SPA has tackled everything from individual hotel lobby and amenity refresh projects, through multi-floor full reconfigurations and fit-outs, to complete gut and renovation of apartment buildings, complete with all the code improvements to convert from apartment to hotel status.  Stanev Potts has been engaged to do everything from feasibility studies for acquisitions research, full design services renovations, including furniture and finish packages.


We also bring fresh ideas to existing brand concepts and are able to understand and work within design and aesthetic frameworks where they already exist and are remaining in place, helping clients to rethink that vocabulary when and where appropriate.

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