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Penthouse Suites at Times Square
123 w 44th Street
New York, NY  10036
This series of penthouse suites is tastefully located above Times Square in a nationally registered historic building. The previous rooms were outdated duplex units that no longer met the needs of the hotel. By proposing to convert them into newly configured single-level units and extending the elevator to the top floor, Stanev Potts Architects increased the number of available rooms, while developing a signature new look for the hotel. 

Each space is unique and tailored to its location in the building, these apartment-like suites provide a modern and quiet respite within the midtown bustle of New York City. Design cues were taken from the prior work at the lounge and roof terrace. With moments of exposed original cast iron building details and a pallet of grays and blacks, the old duplex layout was greatly renovated to be top-of-the-line suites in the hotel. 
Stanev Potts Architects have also worked on projects throughout the building including updated facade lighting, a new building blade sign, and renovations of a luxury lounge and roof terrace. 
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