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context analysis

A former factory/warehouse for the Howard Clothes Company constructed sometime between 1918 and 1930 has been underutilized for years. The brick, heavy timber, and steel structure originally incorporated four stories and a basement.  In 2011 the first floor was removed to create a double height space with ramped vehicle access.  The building served as a warehouse on the ground floor, while the upper levels remained vacant.

Due to the lack of use and maintenance over the years substantial capital investments were needed to stabilize the structure and make it attractive to new tenants.  

entrance render

east and  west elevations

The renovation and conversion of the  warehouse will consist of artist studios, apartment units and amenity spaces.


The plans include the addition of a fifth floor to maximize the potential number of units and collaborative spaces.  

exterior render

north and south elevations
interior render
interior render
interior render
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