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Non Profit Architects: Interiors & Sustainable Design Philadelphia 

MANNA_01 copy.jpg
The Steven Korman Nutrition Center
420 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
A successful Philadelphia-based non-profit organization, MANNA provides meals to the critically ill. Producing and delivering about 2.5 million meals a year, this organization greatly impacts people's lives on a daily basis. With an expanding mission, MANNA needed to relocate to a larger more versatile space. 
MANNA's new facility illustrates the organization's mission through an architectural language. The design communicates the importance of the volunteers, employees, and donors in the healing process of the clients.  The  new space maximizes the efficiency of the essential services MANNA provides by improving adjacencies and circulation. Creative solutions were used to design a productive and uplifting environment that would be flexible enough to meet the needs of the growing organization.
kitchen window.jpg
The layout of the project was designed to reflect  MANNA's mission that food is at the core of giving hope and a better quality of life to the critically ill.  With this in mind, the kitchen became a focal point within the design to highlight its central role.  Office and volunteer spaces look into the kitchen to allow visitors, clients, and volunteers to observe and remain connected to the social love in action. 
kitchen 3.jpg
With a heavy reliance on volunteers, our goal for this new space was to create a clear narrative that would help to enhance the connection of those working in the office to the volunteers producing and packaging the food. In order to project future site and programmatic requirements, feasibility studies and analysis of existing conditions were generated. SPA was then engaged to complete the design for an interior fit out of 23,000 SF. 
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