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Commercial Architects: Commercial Interior Design Firm Philadelphia

1216 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

This 12,000 SF interior fit-out for the new offices of BRESSLERGROUP, a research-driven product development firm, is more like a miniature research facility than an office.  

7th floor conference_06.jpg
conference room

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bike rack

Minimalist insertions highlighted by original building finishes are designed to communicate the client’s brand identity as a cutting edge innovation accelerator.

work spaces
work space

Located on a single floor of a historic Philadelphia industrial building, the space contains mechanical and electrical laboratories, as well as a full machine shop adjacent to meeting rooms and work spaces for 50 engineers and designers. Sound control and light distribution challenges were solved through careful planning and a focus on the technical details at floor and partition connections.

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fabrication shop

A kitchen / lounge area was designed to provide break-out spaces for increased collaboration, with flexibility for large company presentations and recreational uses. Circulation control and levels of privacy were integrally considered as part of the design process, allowing BRESSLERGROUP to showcase their products while protecting their clients confidential products.

kitchen/ lounge

"Our hiring decision was based on their portfolio and their people. Just as when clients hire us, we’re banking on experience, aptitude, and attitude. In making our decision we didn’t prioritize relevant experience. We went with talent, chemistry, and demonstrated passion for the gig." ~Andrew Weiman

"...we sat down with Petra Stanev, Stephan Potts, and Erin Roark of Stanev Potts for a Q&A that provides some insight into the process and progress – and some hints about the space before we reveal it in early summer." ~Andrew Weiman

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