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Times Square Lounge and Roof Terrace
123 w 44th Street
New York, NY  10036
Gracing the penthouse floors of one of the flagship hotels in the Korman AKA portfolio, Stanev Potts in collaboration with By_Lissoni developed a 2,000 SF deluxe series of spaces for the use of the guests of the Hotel.  These spaces include a bi-level lounge and roof terrace in New York City.  Designed to be both luxurious and functional, guests are given access to a number of amenities in these upscale spaces
As a firm, SPA has also worked on projects throughout the building including updated facade lighting, a new building blade sign, and renovations of luxury suites.
A cantilevered, custom-designed steel stair leads visitors to the upper level of the lounge, where a SPA-designed a glowing slat wall which runs the length of the rooms connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. This custom wall spills out through floor-to-ceiling glass walls and sliding panels onto a 1,000 SF open terrace, from which one can enjoy a unique vantage point of the buildings surrounding times square. 
BH from entry- no flowers.png
BH 12th toward W-web.jpg
Carefully selected materials were chosen to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the project. Rich yet minimal finishes such as blackened steel, ivory, charcoal venetian plaster walls and honed black marble were hand-picked to complement the mid century and bauhaus furniture selected for the project.
AKT bar straight on.jpg
AKT bar at angle.jpg
Custom furniture was designed to relate to other details throughout the space. The floating corners of the bar and the folding legs of the table create a continuous language with the stairs and striated wall. 
Schematic Design collaboration with: By_Lissoni

Structural Engineering: Sarrah Khan, Agencie Group


"Space is a luxury in New York City, something a hotel in the heart of Manhattan’s busiest neighborhood decided to focus on when undergoing a partial redesign."

                                                                  ~Lacy Morris

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