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Del Ave
Feasibility Study
North Delaware Ave
SITE PLAN 2017 0814.jpg
A mixed use redevelopment of the 1100 block of North Delaware Avenue, this approximately  170,000 square foot new construction building will contain 169 luxury apartments and ground floor retail, including a premier rock climbing gym. 
Careful consideration was given to the overall massing of the building to maximize the use of the available site footprint and light, while minimizing the impact on the neighboring smaller scaled buildings, particularly through transparency and through-site penetrability throughout the building’s double-height commercial plinth.
R3a_new SMALL_website.jpg
FINAL_16_1027_R4cFINAL_with texture copy
R2a FINAL.jpg
Since the site is located on a boundary line between vastly different urban scales, several design strategies were employed to bridge the divide between contexts, with particular consideration given to the adjacent residential neighborhood. One of the main connections was to preserve a physical and visual connection to the waterfront from Allen Street. 
03_Pool copy_website.jpg
Pedestrian pathways and vehicle parking was designed to make the mass of the building feel more permeable, providing stronger connections to its context.  Much of the ground floor and residential facade is composed of glass. This is also designed to contribute to a feeling of connection along the main pedestrian areas of the development. 
FINAL_16_1027_portal_without grass copy.
pedestrian walk copy.jpg
Section persp.jpg
Climbing Gym.jpg

The building will have extensive tenant amenities such as a roof deck, elevated outdoor pool, tenant gym, lounge and screening room.  The space offers studio and 1 bedroom apartments as well as a number of 2 bedroom apartments.  

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