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Rittenhouse LOFTS
Philadelphia, PA
This adaptive reuse project turned a parking garage into high end residential units. The concrete frame and aging elevator lift, built to accommodate vehicular parking, found new life as 9 new 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia.
front facade_rittenhouse lofts_.jpg
The historically designated parking garage, built in 1915, was an interesting example of the value good design can bring to a neighborhood and to a property owner.

After a feasibility analysis which assessed the property’s viability for a new use in relation to the costs associated with rehabilitating and renovating the structure, the concrete garage moved forward to become high end rental apartments online as quickly as possible.

Within a little over a year of permitting, design, and construction, parked cars and leaky windows were replaced by bedrooms with amazing urban views, oak floors, and naturally lit living spaces. In order to a fully maximize the existing building volume for apartments, the concrete structure was studied and a courtyard was cut through the center of the building, bringing natural light into the center of the building. The result is efficient, well lit apartments added to a historic neighborhood, guaranteeing this building’s viability well into the future.

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