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Residential Architectural Design | Philadelphia 

A well-designed dwelling is an aesthetically satisfying, comfortable and flexible space where it is easy to relax, think and function. With the aim of optimizing the human experience and beauty of the project within the constraints of available resources, we find opportunities for creative solutions to better reflect our clients' ideas.  Our work in each sector informs the other enabling us to design a livable home.  We bring inventiveness, close attention to detail and a wide range of technical and material solutions to all of our residential work.

Every project becomes a unique solution to its specific context and project variables.  We listen carefully, do our research, design and refine our concepts, and stay involved in the construction phase to assure the end results meets the high level of design and finish intent developed. 

We are also frequently brought on board early in the process, to look at potential sites, analyze their strengths and constraints, do brief or extensive feasibility studies, programming, test fits, and even renderings of potential projects, all to help clients understand potential sites and configurations that offer the most efficient and successful built out scenarios, before or after acquisition. Because our work ranges at such a vast scale we are able to translate experience from all those project types and scales, and apply lessons learned across them.  This means that our our custom home clients gain the benefit of our deep knowledge of furnishings, fixtures, and space planning experience. 

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