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Our neighbors and dear friends asked SPA to help them renovate their four story row-home. For us, what makes this project so unique is that the original Architects of the home also designed our office just a few doors down. 
In today's architecture, it is rare that one has the opportunity to design in a location that is so familiar to them.  Having the same layout as our office, we were able to engage in conversation about their goals with a good understanding of how the building was built and the way in which it exists in its context. 
The first step was to reorganize the primary living spaces.  It was clear that the home provided more than enough room for their family but did not function well for their lifestyle. During this process we discussed how and when different areas of the home are used to generate an efficient flow of circulation.
Heather Khalifa / PHL Inquirer photographer
The ground floor is the most formal space in the house, with very little furnishing, it is used primarily to entertain company. Leaving a  relatively open plan on the ground floor allowed the upper three levels to speak to one another in a more intimate way. As one continues upstairs the program gradates to more informal living spaces.   
SPA designed a custom bookshelf from the staircase that was removed in the front of the house.  The shelving runs down the second floor hall, visually connecting the rooms. 
New openings were made in the back of the house to bring more light into the space as well as create a stronger connection between the interior and exterior.  The french doors on the ground floor replaced what was once a single window, allowing the circulation to flow into the backyard without needing to go through the basement.   Larger windows were put in on the second and third floor, while an old fire escape was turned into a balcony on the fourth floor.
The kitchen, originally in the basement, was moved to the fourth floor.  Having the kitchen in close proximity to the spaces that are used to most in the house made it functional and convientent.
Heather Khalifa / PHL Inquirer photographer
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