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Church residence 
Philadelphia, PA

As with all of our work, it is important that we not only understand the needs of the client, but also that we take the time to fully grasp what final product they desire. The Church family knew it was time to make changes to their home so that it could better suit their needs; however, they did not want to greatly alter the appearance of the exterior. In this residence, the simple decision of removing the slanted roof and adding a conventional square roof in the rear added 500 square feet to the second floor while maintaining the original appearance of the home. Innovations like these allow us to use our expertise to achieve the clients goals. 


This conversation is continuous throughout the process and allows us to give priority to different spaces within the home.  It also helps to consider current issues within a space so that solutions could be designed to improve them. For the Church residence closing the breezeway near the rear of the house with proper insulation and flooring, made this uncomfortable area a productive space again.  

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