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Gittis + Golkin Hall
3501 Sansom St

Philadelphia, PA 19104
At University of Pennsylvania Penn Carey Law School, Stanev Potts has been hired to do several projects throughout the schools picturesque campus-within-a-campus.  These projects have ranged from entire facade upgrades to interior reconfigurations and renovations and from upgrading connecting breezeways between buildings to forensic troubleshooting of problematic intra-building interface components that were leading to mysterious and inexplicable premature failure of finish materials.
Gittis Hall was built in the 1960s, and features double story height windows that face the shared interior quad that is the center piece of the law school campus.  Stanev Potts was engaged to address a number critical elements, including the installation of a new entry vestibule, innovative bird glazing treatment, pre-cast concrete sealant repair, custom casework, and interior plasterwork. The largest piece of the scope was the replacement of all glazing and frames along the south facade.

The existing storefront was replaced with a new system that harmonizes with the architectural character of Gittis Hall while infusing modern design sensibilities. The new system seamlessly integrates with the building's surroundings to create a cohesive visual narrative. With an emphasis on sustainability, the glazing was upgraded to insulated glass, significantly improving building efficiency and thermal comfort. This approach aligns with contemporary environmental standards while contributing to reduced energy consumption.
gittis3_TP 1_edited.jpg
A feature of this project was the incorporation of bird glazing treatment. Bird glazing treatment is a concept that marries ecological responsibility with the potential for innovation. By utilizing a pattern of subtle dots on the glass surface, this treatment acts as a deterrent for birds, preventing collisions with the facade.  While typically applied in a tight grid, in stark white, SPA proposed a middle gray color and a wider grid, that would still be visible to birds but much less noticeable to the human eye.  Many occupants report not noticing the bird treatment at all until its pointed out, yet they have reported close to zero bird strikes in the first year since they were installed, which is a huge improvement and on par if not exceeding performance at other locations in the courtyard.
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Golkin 1st Floor
Golkin 2nd Floor
Golkin 3rd Floor
At Golkin hall, across from Gittis, Stanev Potts was engaged for a series of discrete projects aimed at improving the interior layout and condition of spaces. Several larger offices on the second floor were reconfigured into a larger quantity of smaller offices. Careful selection of materials, colors, and design elements ensured that the new spaces complemented the existing architecture seamlessly. The renovation included reconfiguration of HVAC distribution and lighting, an upgraded conference room, a new huddle room, and finish upgrades to the entire suite of rooms on the third floor.
Ongoing projects at the Law School include the replacement of a building joint system that connects new and old buildings, where frustrating failures in flooring materials were confounding the school.  Through research into the original drawings and specifications coupled exploratory demo and camera work, the flaw in the substate was identified, and a cost effective and thorough solution is in the works to replace and repair the problem.  Across the courtyard, Stanev Potts is also designing a replacement breezeway between two buildings that will improve on the aesthetics and comfort of student and faculty life.
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