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UPENN College Hall renovations
1 College Hall
Philadelphia, Pa
As part of on-call services for the University of Pennsylvania, SPA completed a space planning project for Provost offices within College Hall. The design process engaged in a feasibility study and several test fits of four ground floor suites with primary focuses being the consideration of future multi-purpose functions and promoting natural daylighting wherever possible. Strategic use of opaque, translucent, and transparent materials allows occupants at any location to have a visual connection to the exterior while maintaining privacy. 
A subtle pallet of gray tones juxtaposed with walnut frames and doors creates a contemporary aesthetic while complimenting the building’s historic context. 
The project, with initial function as the Provost’s two-year long swing space, accommodated an accelerated design and construction timeline for completion before the larger College Hall west wing renovation. Maintaining a cohesive design language that is able to both serve as the Provost’s temporary offices and future multi-purpose functions amid an aggressive schedule was Stanev Potts’ primary goal.
G09_Office Interior.jpg
G17_Conference Room.jpg
With the goal of designing an attractive and functional space, SPA worked closely with the end users to understand their existing working conditions and anticipate their future needs.   Each room was carefully detailed to maximize natural daylight and shared views while maintaining privacy between them.  SPA worked with Acentech and the end users to determine the acoustical separation necessary for privacy in each space. The success of the project helped to establish design standards for future renovations in College Hall.
Axon _ Door and Glazing_REVISED2.jpg
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