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Philadelphia Film Center
1412 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
lobby render
cafe bar EDIT2.jpg
cafe render
Since the 1920's, The Philadelphia Film Center has premiered movies and hosted events in Center City Philadelphia.  Previously named The Prince Theater, its prominent location in the city has brought culture and art into the space for generations. 
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layout studies
sitelines BB2.jpg
line of sight diagram
The Theater will undergo a number of renovations to redefine the venue with a stronger focus on film. These renovations include work on the facade, lobby, concessions, the expansion of the screening rooms, as well as the addition of a rooftop theater. 
plan render - higher quaility.jpg
theater perspective plan
The theaters upstairs will have two renovated screening rooms as well as a concessions counter.  Finishes were carefully chosen to address the numerous acoustic conditions as well as aesthetics
Creating a continuous language throughout the building was critical to help the client convey a stronger brand identity. 
projection screen  studies
PFS_ 3rd floor render.jpg
Having the need for adequate signage to advertise the films, Stanev Potts Architects employed a combination of projections, tv screens, and custom artwork to allow the theater to constantly change and create a space that speaks to their mission.   Hanging from the ceiling in the lobby, fabric was manipulated through a series of studies to allow projections to pass through in a unique and sometimes distorted way. 
theater perspective plan
lobby render
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