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The Philadelphia International Airport
Terminal A West 
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Inspired by the Philadelphia pastime of communities gathering on their front stoop, this seating is meant to encourage and welcome everyone to sit together.  Providing a variety of seat heights and depths, Stanev Potts Architects designed modular furniture that can be reconfigured to meet the ever changing needs of the airport as well as advance their mission of inclusivity.   



This simple modular form plays off of the convenience of construction and installation, while allowing each gate to be individually considered.  Materials were carefully selected to be easily maintained and durable while creating a continuous language throughout terminal A. The natural colors and materials contrast the surrounding cool tones bringing a fresh new feel to the terminal.

full wall render.jpg

Each configuration is equipped with standard outlets as well as USB and USBC charging ports; reducing the stress that surrounds electronics not being adequately charged before a flight.  Built in LED lighting creates a soft glow during the day while activating the space into the evening. 

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Many iterations were created to explore the potential of this particular wall condition which repeats itself in each gate throughout the terminal.  Thinking about places people go to sit and spend their free-time we wanted to design a seating condition that would create a similar sense of comfort. Coffee shops, libraries, 

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