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Duhring wing renovations
The University of Pennsylvania
Fisher Fine Arts Library Duhring Wing
Philadelphia, Pa
Collage of Frank Furness's Fisher Fine Arts Building Details
As part of on-call services for the University of Pennsylvania, SPA completed interior improvements in the Duhring Wing of the Fisher Fine Arts Library.  Constructed in the early 1930s and last renovated in the mid 1960s, the building's vertical core of facilities was in great need of improvements, both to bring it up to modern ventilation and accessibility codes and comfort levels, but also to apply a level of finish materials, fixtures and lighting in keeping with Furness' dramatic design in the public facing portions of the building. The primary goals for this project were to make the building accessible, functional and beautiful for years to come.  
Solid Surface & Natural Wood Material Detail
Tile & Solid Surface Material Detail
Duhring Wing Gender Neutral Restroom
As part of the building renovations, all restrooms in the Duhring Wing were reconfigured to be accessible, gender neutral facilities.  The finishes and details were carefully selected to meet the University's standards while speaking to the design language of the library.  
Axon Perspective of Bathroom Layout
Duhring Wing Gender Neutral Restroom
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