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Stanev Potts architects were engaged to complete a feasibility and planning study for the temporary relocation of the Provost and History departments at the University of Pennsylvania. With a set move-out date established for the renovations of the departments' existing spaces to begin, it was imperative that each user-group had been given clear information and guidance to assist them to through a series of important decisions.
history department program.jpg
history department program.jpg
history department program.jpg
The SPA team began by cataloging each individuals workflow, program adjacencies, furnishings and equipment; giving our design team the necessary components to better assess the departments' functions and determine the requirements for suitable future spaces.  Through a series of site visits and meetings, project goals were established for each user group. 

220621_CH Furniture Coordination Drawings (dragged).jpg
220621_Furniture Coordination Drawings (dragged).jpg

The SPA team then surveyed and studied several buildings on the campus for their potential use; creating test-fit alternatives to help each department quickly make informed decisions. The test fit alternatives consisted of program and furniture layouts as well as the documentation of potential renovations that each building would require.  This analysis was imperative in establishing an effective plan that addressed the needs of the departments, and individuals within them, to move to a space where they could continue to do their best work. 
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To meet the departments direct needs as well as connect them with the students and programming they support, each department was assigned multiple buildings on campus.  The Provost department was set to occupy the lower level of College Hall and the second floor of 3539 Locust, while the History department would move into St. Leonard's Court, 3600 Market Street and Houston Hall.
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