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herringbone lofts
2501 Oakford St, Philadelphia, PA 
A Philadelphia-based non-profit organization, providing meals to the critically ill, Manna was looking to relocate to a larger space with an expanded capacity to produce 2.5 million meals a year.  SPA headed a team that created a feasibility package providing the client with an analysis of the organization's existing and projected facilities use, cost estimation, design phase scheduling and graphic renderings of the proposed project.  
Pre-Existing Facade
Warehouse Pre-Construction
The study examined the organization's current facilities, equipment and processes to inform the space need projections for quadrupling their existing capacity. The analysis made it clear that Manna had outgrown its existing space and that sacrifices to the circulation and user experience were made to keep up with their growing need for more space.  

Data and feedback provided by Manna, allowed SPA to make informed decision trees to help the team better understand the priorities of the project. Four categories emerged as the main programmatic components; the kitchen, offices, volunteers and support.   
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