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Rittenhouse Historic District
1215 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
The location, in the center of The Rittenhouse Historic District, was once the site of a garage and depressed driveway leading from Manning Street.  Stanev Potts Architects proposed that a four story, single family home to take its place.  Being a unique lot, it was important that the historic department was brought into the design process from the start. 
Option C elevation.jpg
Through attentive conversations, research and analysis of site and project function, we developed an understanding that allowed us to utilize our professional experience to assist our clients in prioritizing their needs and aspirations. With a strong understanding of the project goals, we began formulating architectural solutions.
 As the project progressed through the design phases, we applied and tested the initial principles at progressively more refined and detailed scales continually working with our clients as well as the city. 
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